The world has seen its bloody fair share of big and small cheaters, simply bad people whose “growing up” experience, education and culture, it never helped them to reach beyond becoming Tricksters to the rest of the world!

The Mythological Trickster, the Cultural Trickster, the Religious Trickster, the Academic Trickster, the Political Trickster, The Conservative Trickster, the Liberal Trickster, the Commercial Trickster, the Arts Trickster, the Sciences Trickster, the Psychology Trickster, and the Philosophy Trickster, the Biggest and All-Time Trickster, they all are one and the very same.

The Trickster of all “Belief and Language”, the Trickster of all “Values and Ways of Conduct”, again, they are the same.

Who is the Trickster?

The Trickster of this Species a.k.a. Human Beings is willful Ignorance coupled with willful Intellectual Dishonesty!

And chiefly, when we have to come to terms with, and make sense of our Journeys from Cradle to Grave, our Existence.

In order to shield from, to hide from the Unavoidable, we create and invent artificial “Permanence” and temporary “For-ever” where there are not any at all.

We seem to be unable and unwilling to acknowledge that WE plus all Existence, we all are made of Change. That it is, of eternal and infinite Changes.

Changes which are still very much beyond our Species’ comprehension at this time and at this place.

We can attempt to blame that what we are made of, Changes.

We can also try to blame eternal and infinite Evolution which is the impulse, the direction and also the highest order and command of all Existence, of all Life.

But as we grow beyond our foibles and evolve, we will always find out that it is us, our lack of trust in Nature, in Nature in us, in our own Nature, in that what we are made of, Change!

Most people barely learn their own natal Language and then they jump on the attempt to learn and master Academia.

We love the say the answer is Education, but how can we educate anybody who has not mastered their own language, people who can talk, write and read, but if you ask one of them to read anything and then tell it with their own words, they crash and burn, they lack interpretation skills. They lack “thorough knowledge, ownership and understanding” of the full meaning of the words of/from their very own natal language, but they go to schools, to high schools and oh yes, they graduate from colleges too…

However they are like Children, but they think that “they know everything” and they are convinced that their way is the only way too!

It is comic, it is sad, it is ironic, and folks, and listen folks, it is bad.

That is why things are how they are in 2022.

That’s why we elect buffoons for leaders, for political representatives.

That’s why we have laws based upon primitive mythological nonsense!

That’s why I say, learn your language, master your language so that you can communicate and be communicated back with, successfully and effectively.

As it is now, the general populations have their Perception filtred, censored and limited by the lens of their willful “Not-Knowing” any better at all.

And always shielded behind willful Intellectual Dishonesty, under the false belief, self-deception that it all will go away soon and things will always be and remain the same.

We also have the habit of changing the name, the label, the word which we use for the “What & Who” which we do not like.

We also like to personify our Adjectives, Qualifications such as bad and good in order to create mythological scapegoats, in other words, something, somebody to blame for our own bad decisions, actions and omissions!

We hide behind Mythology conveniently turned Religion a.k.a. our own Invisible Man in the Sky.

We love to find ways to control others, to limit and to censor Other People via our own invented Mythological collection of primitive “Do’s and Don’ts” .

We love to hide behind Children, behind Country and Flag, and we also like to hide behind Jobs and God, that it is, our own ( Special ) version of the Invisible Man in the Sky.

From a perspective which is outside of this stinky bubble of shit, it is hard to believe, but it is what it is and it is pathetic, folks!

The causers of the event, the happening of the “Trickster” are Changes and Evolution. Because they both upset the lies and deception that we as a Species, we invent, we create and then we tell ourselves that they are the ultimate fact and truth. However they always crash and burn and we have many civilizations before us, they always prove how we resist our own Nature, that what we are made of, Change and we are mortally fearful of Evolution.

The answer, in my personal view is, learn your language, master it first and then seek Education when you are ready to successfully and effectively communicate and be communicated to.

Otherwise, it is a waste of another civilization, folks!

As a Species, we are children, oh yes, and that it is who we still are, folks!



Sky a.k.a. Padilla of Ashtoreth a.k.a. JD Aeon



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JD Aeon

JD Aeon

SKY a.k.a. Padilla a.k.a. JD Aeon, GLBTQ+ PAGAN Trans-Highpriestess Yalorixá Yayá Sorcière Quimbandeira Astrologer MtF Trans Non-Op Pansexual & OUT since 2004