An elastic word, yes, such as purity and the many conceptions which attempt hard to enclose it within their boundaries and officially define what “purity and/or being pure” actually means.

At first sight, to be pure sounds good and beautiful!

However, when we consider:

  • That we live in an ever-changing reality / world where all, everything and every Species, everybody are made of Changes.
  • That because the only Constant everywhere is infinite and eternal Changes, Perfection and Completion can never meet each other and they both merely cancel each other both in concept and in practice.
  • That because of all of this, there are no final Definitions which can withstand the impact of Changes, the test of Time and its passing.

Any ideologies of Purity and of the so-called “Being Pure” whether of mind, of body, etc, they all become wilful ignorant, intellectual-dishonest and illogical!

Ideologies of Purity of any form, they all become wilful slaves fully dependent upon the “Belief and Language” which invented it.

It can also be nice, beautiful and good to acknowledge the dear “As Above So Below”, meaning that WE ALL are connected, because We all are contained in the Source of the It all and the Source if It all is equally contained in us all.

Perhaps the biggest Lie & Deception, the greatest Distortion and Harm on earth, is when our very own Species, us folks, when we think, act in an “Anti-Humanity” Way towards our own selves and towards Others, while wearing the Masks of our invented Mythologies (mythology “made-as-if” sacred-by-being-called-Religion), plus the Masks of our invented “Socio-Politico-Commercial” Corrected-Ness…LOL

And of course, dutifully concealing and steadfastly hiding behind our own invented “Belief and Language” and their collection of conveniently invented Values and Ways of Conduct.

Whatever may support our lame bullshit all dressed-up in Traditions/Disciplines and plain mainstream Simpleminded-Ness!

Yes, folks, when coming from liberal, liberated, uncensored, without limitations and free perspectives, we can see Purity has no Foundation to stand upon at all, except as a vague idea of being pure could be something like “being happy”, or being good, or being clean and or being peaceful, and also, not harming anything nor others.

None of the judgemental mythological lists of “dos and don’ts”, none of the useless and meaningless Classifications, Adjectives or Superlatives which “those special people peddle,” you know, those people who think of Themselves as the sole Owners of the Final Words and Truth of anything and everything. LOL

Here it is what I have to say to them — CHANGES! EVOLUTION!

Sorry, folks!

No perfection at all, no completion at all, no purity in anything and everything!

How did we come up with Purity, then?

We’ve made it all up! Yes, folks! LOL


It sort of humbles us all because we all share the fact that we are here to learn, to teach and to evolve along with all, with all Others and of course also along with all other Species!

So, I could say I am a pure Pagan, LOL you are a pure “Whatever” you choose to be, just words, folks, plus the masks we hang to…

Well, on that count, I must say, perhaps the so-called Masks that we hang on to, they are like the “best clothes” that we have got to wear. Of course, we all know we are “Not” the Clothes that we wear, folks!

But we wear Them because the rest of the folks, yes, the Others, they can’t handle, and they are absolutely “Not Ready” for dealing with, nor ready for seeing us bare NAKED!

Quite easy, obvious and simple!

And that’s that, folks!

So be good, will you? And try to let my foibles pass.

Now I shall bow out with a good wish for Happy Spring Equinox, I wish you all a Merry Spring, folks!



Sky a.k.a. Padilla of Ashtoreth a.k.a. JD Aeon


PERHAPS, the very best Understanding is more than Intellectual Comprehension, folks!

It’s more about the Experience of Availing/Passing Personal Judgement on the actual Activity which is being Enclosed/imprisoned within Boundaries and Defined.

In simple terms, you must “Walk your talk!” in order to be understood, oh yes! And chiefly in that nasty judgemental & anal-retentive level of expectations which anybody despises!




When I see a Butterfly, I instantly think of wealth of evolutionary changes which its symbol represents.

I particularly think of how blessed & thankful I am, and for carrying with me the full feeling, the full perception of the experiences of all I value, treasure, love and adore!

However, at once, I remind myself that such a blessing has its own weight and there is always a price to pay, a sacrifice of some kind associated, because it is not perfect, it is not complete and it will always need work, progress and more Evolution.

For instance, I adore, love and desire Women because within Myself I know how a Man feels for a Woman.

But I also adore, love and desire Men because inside of Myself I know how a Woman feels for a Man.

The only way to convey such a personal reality mine is to compare it to the experience and full perception/awareness of a person who undertakes real and true Past-lives regressions, who experiences past incarnations!

It all comes down to a Person who experiences real Memories of true Experiences of their past Incarnations/lifetimes, by remembering and especially “re-living” / re-experiencing some of those past Moments of those past lives.

And such a person during this Present Lifetime/Incarnation, has indeed re-lived, re-experienced via Past-Lives Regressions the full experience of being a woman to/with a man and equally being a man to/with a woman!

By the way, I did both!

In fact, there is no way, to Un-Ring That Mighty Bell, or to put the proverbial Jack back into the Box, at all!

In the reactions section, I will say, we find some people can’t handle all of that and yes, they expire early, they get cancelled after their over-reaching.

Some people will survive all of that but they will spend their lifetime dwelling in the Negative Socio-religio-politico-commercial side of it, whose main dirty work is to turn evolutionary Blessings into traditional Curses, while robbing people from their personal sovereignty.

And Not ME! LOL

Others such as myself will kick the ball forward in the fields of life, try to be a good sport and also try to make the best of it.

And chiefly, by enjoying Who I Am, How I Feel and “Can Feel”, and All the Potentialities thereof.

I also like to surround my everyday life, my myself with natural and good people whose evolutionary perceptions allow them to appreciate my blessings and perhaps to appreciate myself as I am, as I feel and as I appreciate them too!

To each, their own!

There can be so much Information into a symbol and sometimes what we think we know is only a tiny portion of it all.



The sky has no final bottom and at once, it has no final top, it is infinite and eternal!

It harmonizes with the true Nature of infinite, eternal Evolution and the infinite and eternal Changes which all Creation, all Species, all / everything and We are made of.

SKY a.k.a. JD Aeon



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JD Aeon

JD Aeon

SKY a.k.a. Padilla a.k.a. JD Aeon, GLBTQ+ PAGAN Trans-Highpriestess Yalorixá Yayá Sorcière Quimbandeira Astrologer MtF Trans Non-Op Pansexual & OUT since 2004